My Don'ts

  • Don't include video format information in the names. It can be seen when using a database program like PVD or MediaInfo.
  • Don't make too many sub-folders.
  • Don't keep any files not needed, like the torrent files.
  • Don't keep videos with bad quality.
  • Don't keep videos with burned in subtitles.
  • Don't keep movies in format 4:3 if they should be at least 16:9. Or at least move them in a folder for bad quality movies.
  • Don't rename your files manually. Use a renaming tool like FileBot.
  • Don't keep not used subtitle files. If needed they can be download again.
  • Don't keep your videos in zip or rar files. Videos are already compressed and normally cannot be compressed more.
  • Don't worry too much that you will lose a file, most likely you can get it again.

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